Product Care

How often should i clean?

Cleaning required is dependent on the severity of the environment.

For Rural/Suburban Environments.

The maximum period between cleaning should never be more than six (6) months.

For Coastal/Pool/Industrial Environments.

More frequent cleaning is necessary and the maximum period between cleaning should never be more than three (3) months. Under the worst conditions involving heavy grime deposition and atmospheric pollution (e.g. sulphur compounds or salts) more frequent cleaning is advisable e.g. monthly if deterioration of the coating is to be prevented.

The cleaning of powder coated and anodised material should be performed using hand-cleaning and rinsing techniques. This should be achieved by using small amounts of clean water and recommended cleaning products. Do not under any circumstances use an abrasive type cleaning agent as this will severely damage the surface of the material. Thoroughly rinse off any detergent with clean water. Hosing must be avoided under all circumstances. Dry preferably with a chamois, or alternatively, a soft cloth.

The cleaning of the product should be performed at a time that will allow the aluminium to dry quickly, preferably early in the morning.

We recommend the use of: Kitten ‘Glo-Wash’, Turtle Wax ‘Zip Wash” or RE-PO ‘Superwash’. Should these products give less than the desired result Turtle Wax ‘Ice Polish’ or RE-PO ‘Cream Polish’ can be used as per manufacturer’s instructions.

NOTE: Only use the above mentioned cleaning products. Do not use alternative products by the same or other manufacturers without written authorisation from West Al Windows Pty Ltd.


Glass Care

All glass surfaces should be kept clean by prompt removal of all dirt and deposits. Clean water should be used and in some instances the addition of a small amount of mild detergent would be of some benefit.

Thoroughly wash off any detergent residue with clean water. Do not under any circumstances use any form of abrasive as this may cause damage to the glass. Lightly sponge off any stubborn dirt being careful not to scratch the glass.

Glass products featuring an exposed Low E (or metal based) coating, such as Viridian’s Comfort Plus require appropriate care when cleaning. For the recommended cleaning instructions relating to these products, please contact your West Al Windows Pty Ltd representative.


Powder Coated and Aluminium

Cleaning is necessary if the fine finish of powder coated and anodised aluminium is to be preserved. Deterioration of the coating occurs mainly as a result of grime deposition and attack by contaminated moisture, which in coastal and pool environments contain salt and sulphur compounds.

Deposited grime and contamination absorbs moisture like a sponge and holds it against the powder coated and anodised surfaces. This permits the attack to proceed thereby damaging the coating which cannot be restored.


Hardware Care

Regular maintenance is required for all hardware, including any stainless steel components, In most environments maintenance is recommended every six (6) months and every three (3) months in coastal, pool and industrial environments.

The internal work of locks, handles, catches etc. should be kept in good working order by applying a light spray of lubricant similar to WD40 or RP7 into the area(s) of any moving parts.

The external finish of all hardware must be kept clean by removing any harmful residue, especially salt spray, from the surface using non-abrasive cleaning agent and wiped down with a soft cloth moistened with WD40 or RP7.

When maintaining either internal or external hardware, ensure that all finished surfaces (eg. Timber, aluminium etc.) in close proximity are well protected from exposure to any cleaning or lubricating agents.

All tracks and sills must be kept clear of dirt, debris and other matter which can cause damage to, and restrict the proper functioning of rollers, guides and drop bolts.

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