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Westal’s range of Airlite Timber Dors provides a premium option for your next project. Timber Windows are available in a number of different systems including; Swing, Sliding, and Bi-Fold and both Western Red Cedar and Merbau timbers are available.

Western Red Cedar

Western Red Cedar is a beautiful softwood timber that will not warp, twist, shrink or swell. It won’t deteriorate like some other timbers and termites simply hate it. Because of its unique fine grain characteristics Western Red Cedar is suitable for most environmental conditions including the severe and ever changing Australian climate. By choosing Western Red Cedar products for your home you will not only be assured of a beautiful, aesthetically pleasing product, you can also be confident that you will have years of reliable, trouble-free operation.


Merbau is a luxurious hardwood timber. Merbau is not only a very attractive wood, it has all the benefits that a reliable hardwood delivers. Because of its dense nature, this hardwood offers high durability and stability making it an ideal solution for use in windows and doors. Highly impermeable, it won’t deteriorate and just like our Western Red Cedar it will keep the termites away. Merbau is the perfect hardwood solution for our harsh Australian environment.

Westal’s Timber Doors are complimented by an extensive choice of quality hardware with additions such as arches and glazing bars available.

With safety and compliance always being prioritised, Westal has a range of Airlite Timber Doors which comply with BAL40 Bushfire Attack Level conditions.


  • Attractive
  • Long lasting
  • Unattractive to termites
  • Solid and secure
  • Complies with BAL40 Bushfire Attack Level

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