Gas-strut Windows

Want to elevate your home to the next level? Then consider the unique form and function of a Westal Gas-Strut Window for your kitchen or living area. This latest addition to the Westal ‘stable’ of windows breaks with convention to provide a product that achieves minimal visual obstruction and optimum ventilation. Sill-less Gas-Strut Windows are available for benchtops where a flush transition from inside to out is desired.

Operation is simple – turn the handle to release the lock, then a light push of the window to engage the gas lifts which effortlessly raises the sash to its near-horizontal resting position. Find out more information about these Gas-Strut Windows by contacting your closest Westal Service Centre.


  • Heavy duty gas-lift struts for effortless opening
  • Sill-less option available where a flush benchtop is preferred
  • Single-action lever handle operates a multi-point locking function

Series Features

Gas Strut
Recommended ApplicationsHousing & low-to-medium rise residential
Sash PositioningInside slide
Frame Width Options• 101mm
Water Penetration Options• 150 Pa.
• 300 Pa.
GlazingSingle glazed up to 6.76mm
Double glazed (IGU 20mm)
Handle Options• Non-keyed (supplied as standard)
• Keyed (upon request)
Fixing Types• Fin fix
• Face fix
• Flush face

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